• Cracker: Brotherly Love

  • 状态:3集全
  • 类型:未知
  • 主演:罗彼·考特拉尼 罗肯·克兰尼奇 杰拉丁·萨莫维尔 芭芭拉·弗林 罗肯·克兰尼奇
  • 年代:
  • 地区:欧美

简介:After having sex with a prostitute, David Harvey kills her when he finds he is unable to pay and she threatens to tell his wife. The case becomes complicated however when a second prostitute is killed and the forensic evidence indicates that it was the same killer. Only problem is that Harvey was in custody at the time of the second killing. Fitz is convinced that Harvey killed the first woman and that an accomplice did the second to cast doubt on his guilt. DS Jimmy Beck returns to work after four months s…

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